DAO Treasury


The DAO contract is an address guarded by a simple gnosis-safe implementation. The DAO address holds all the DAO funds accumulated over time. For instance, the DAO sends ELO for every bond sold by the protocol to the Treasury. The DAO address also holds funds from strategic investments. Below are listed DAO addresses by version, where the latest version represents the currently active address.
The DAO contract is guarded by a 4 of 8 multisig. That means any transaction for making DAO changes must be approved by at least 4 signers, of which we have 8 signers in total. The operation security for our DAO is thus protected from a single actor going rogue, because it takes a quorum of 4 to authorize any transaction like engaging in DAO swaps. The 8 signing addresses for the DAO are listed below. Note that all signers can be verified on Etherscan as well as on GnosisSafe.
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